Differential Pressure Gauges Model A2G-10, air2guide P

артикул 906018


  • For dry, clean, non-aggressive gases, usually air
  • Fan and blower monitoring
  • Differential pressure monitoring in filters
  • Overpressure monitoring in cleanrooms

Special Features

  • Simple mounting and dismounting without tools
  • New attractive design
  • Optional version with additional electrical output signal (air2guide P+E, see data sheet PV 17.40)
  • Mechanical and electrical measuring instrument in identical design




The air2guideP differential pressure gauges are
suited ideally to the measurement of overpressure,
negative pressure and differential pressure from
250 Pa to 6000 Pa. The benefit of air2guide
instruments in comparison with other manufacturers'
differential pressure gauges lies in the 2-part
construction of the gauge. The units are quick and
easy to install without tools. The measuring element
and case (in-built and add-on version) are separate.
This has the advantage that, in case of repairs, only
the measuring element or the case has to be
replaced > cost savings for the customer.                                                

Per EN 837-3 and HVAC regulations

Nominal size in mm

Accuracy class

Scale ranges
0 … 250 Pa / 500 Pa / 750 Pa /
1000 Pa / 1500 Pa / 3000 Pa /
6000 Pa

Overpressure safety
20 kPa

Производство компании Wika (ГЕРМАНИЯ)


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